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Commercial window cleaning

The bulk of our commercial window cleaning work is for shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants, offices, industrial units, care homes, retail outlets and showrooms.

Residential window cleaning

We provide a friendly and professional window cleaning service to residential customers and customer satisfaction is our main priority. The price we agree with you is for the cleaning of the glass, Upvc frames and window sills.

Fascias, soffits and cladding

If and when required we can also clean your Upvc fascia boards and soffits or any difficult to reach plastic cladding using our high reach water fed pole system. Please request a quote if you require this service.

Solar panels

For solar panels to operate to their maximum efficiency they need to be regularly cleaned approximately once per year. Dirty panels can be as much as 25% less efficient - and that can mean a considerable reduction in output. Our pure water fed pole system and special brush heads can clean the panels safely without using unnecessary chemicals.

Conservatory cleaning

We specialise in cleaning conservatories at a very competitive price in comparison with TV advertised companies. This service is extremely popular with our customers. On request we can clean the exterior glass of your conservatory at specified intervals or as a one-off clean when asked to do so. Our pure water fed pole system enables us to clean your conservatory roof without using ladders.

Gutter cleaning

It’s important to make sure that your gutters are always kept clear from blockages to prevent water penetration into your home and regular cleaning at least once or twice a year is advisable. We can do this for you at your request.


We are happy to clean your caravan for you as well as your home. Please ask for a free quote.

Commercial signage

In addition to our commercial window cleaning service we are also able to carry out sign cleaning as well. Shop front signs, external industrial units and office signs can all be cleaned as part of our service.

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